What You Need to Know About Insurance Technology

What You Need to Know About Insurance Technology

Technology is constantly advancing. This is true in the legal field and many other professions. Insurance companies are constantly upgrading their technology and there are many new features that are available to them that have not been in the past. There are some things that lawyers need to know about this new insurance technology so they can properly represent their clients.



Insurance technology does not use just one system. There are several systems that are used in order to keep track of new technology. Insurance companies have at least two different systems they are relying on or two different databases. When a lawyer is looking for information they need to make sure they are checking more than one operating system. If they do not ask for information from the different systems that insurance companies are using they may miss a piece of information that is very important. Insurance companies are using new platforms to keep up with the demands of their clients. They are using new technology to help them organize information and make sure they can retrieve information at a quicker rate.

The older systems that insurance companies are using and are currently being used with the new systems as well. They transfer data and help with training new employees on how to use this technology. They want to integrate systems so no information is lost. Lawyers need to know that both systems are being used as well as which ones. When contacting the insurance company they need to speak with someone that is able to get them information off the old system as well as information from the new system. This way they will not lose any details, information about past claims and contacts, and will get the data that they are looking for.
 Spending Habits

 Insurance companies are very concerned with money. That is one of their main focuses. They need to be able to make money while spending the time looking for ways to improve technology in a way that is cost effective. Every year insurance companies waste over a million dollars on mass mailings. Lawyers need to know that communication with clients and with others is being done by electronic means. This can mean emails, live chat sessions, and mobile communication as well. There may not be a paper trail for the information they are seeking. This means that lawyers will have to be able to find legal means to obtain emails, and computer records as well. While this is helpful for the insurance company it can be more difficult for the lawyer.

This is just some of the information about new insurance technology that a lawyer has to know and be aware of. Technology is always changing and advancing. What lawyers have to know is that the insurance companies use more than one information system so they can be sure they have everything they need to build a case and not just part of it.

How to Help Grieving Clients Who Have Lost Their Homes

How to Help Grieving Clients Who Have Lost Their Homes

What is grief?

Most people define grief as an emotional suffering that we experience when we lose something that we have been used to, and we feel that we will not be able to get along without.

It is important to know that everyone grieves in a different manner and that it depends on a number of factors like personality, faith, overall life experience and the nature of the loss.

Grieving Stages

To be in a better position to help a client who is leaving their home that they maybe grew up in, saved a lot of money to purchase or simply has many family memories with it, leaving because of a separation or due to lack of funds to liquidate the mortgage, you need to know the grieving stages in order to help.

“This can’t be happening to me

This stage is where the home owner has not really understood the factors that are making or forcing them to leave the home. For instance, they will not understand how or why they are unable to maintain the house due to insufficient funds because of bankruptcy or major damage from a natural disaster.

Why is this happening? Who is guilty?”

Many clients who feel anger tend to be those who are losing or selling a house because of a divorce or a separation, often blaming their partner for the loss of the house.


Please prevent this from happening, and in return I will…”

Here, the clients may be looking for ways to prevent the buying or vending of the home. The result of this stage is that they will not be able to notice a good deal in purchasing or selling of the home because they are too desperate and not yet willing to see reason.


Why bother doing anything?”

During this stage, your clients have now let reality sink in, and see that they have no choice otherwise but to leave the home but the reality may still sting and cause sadness.


Whatever happened, happened, and I am ready to move on…”

After understanding the reality and coming to terms with it, your client may now be ready to work out a solution that will enable them move on.

What to do to help these grieving clients:

  • Draw their attention to the positive side. Listen to the clients carefully, then make a move in addressing them on the things they can do in their new homes like looking for the best colors to paint the home and thinking of redesigning it like the home they left, among other suggestions.
  • Come up with a home scrapbook. If your clients are leaving their homes forever because they needed to sell them or because of damages they cannot afford, you can help them by creating a scrapbook that will help keep the memories of the home they are bidding farewell to. This can be done by helping them take photos of the whole house including the yards and from different angles and locations.
  • Help them in putting on a farewell party or home coming party. Be handy in letting them leave the home in good faith and mood by organizing a party. Also if they are entering the new home, you can help them in organizing a housewarming party as well.
  • Assist in providing relocating resources. You can help them search for services that will aid in packing and transporting their home assets to their new living arrangement. Compile a list of reputable companies in your area that can help your clients pack up, move out, and settle into their new place.


Be sure that when you offer this kind of assistance to your grieving clients, they will never forget you. Not only will they appreciate the help and the sympathy, but they will also appreciate your ability to help them through the process of losing their current home and finding a new one.

How Community Involvement Can Build Your Client Base

How Community Involvement Can Build Your Client Base

It is the wish of every business to expand and make more profits, especially for those small businesses who don’t have the sufficient budget to go all out. One very important thing a business should do is to draw in all of its nearby clients. This can be accomplished easily with community involvement. When your client notes that there’s more to the relationship than just a transaction, you will surely experience exponential growth. The following are tips that you can use to get involved in your community to build your client base:


Host Workshops

Workshops offer an ideal opportunity to educate your clients about important topics. It goes without saying that getting the education then putting it into practice will deliver results. So offer those lectures and then go ahead to inspire them to take action.

Another advantage of carrying out a workshop is that the clients will bring along their friends, family members and co-workers, which will increase your opportunity to gain exposure for the business you have.


Publish a Monthly Newsletter

You should consider a newsletter to be the most tactical item on the list, will help people become familiar with you. Get to sit down and think of how the newsletter can influence your clients positively. For example you can publish a newsletter which contains the testimonials, pragmatic content, events to be carried out, referral generation, customer recognition and reward, new offers and many more. This will act as a free advertisement for your business.


Create a Custom Volunteer Plan

This is the surest way of getting to attract the community clients and convert them to into your potential clients.

As a practicing law firm, you can get involved in events, support groups and other organizations and events related to your practice areas. For instance, if you specialize in personal injury, take part in volunteer efforts at local hospitals and look to work with mechanics or others who may provide repair services after an accident or some other dangerous incident.

Your community is an asset and it is full of potential clients, and there may be more ways in which you can get involved than you know.


Build Relationships Within Your Community

Carry out a case study on your community and make a shortlist of what are the important things that you can contribute to attract the community in order to encourage some of its members to become your potential clients. There are many ways you can achieve this, like donating to the local animal shelters, schools and much more. Organize events to help various community services and organizations to show that you care and to offer your services. The community will slowly get to connect with you and with time, your law firm will gain an immense amount of trust, which can help when it comes to any competition.


Speak Their Language

If your business is set up in a place where the community speaks their own business language, it is better to understand it and speak it with a better understanding among your clients. For example if your firm has a lot to do with property and real estate agents, it is better you get familiarized with certain language like fizbos, lock boxes, chattels, and much more. This is the language they understand and you will certainly need to communicate with them in that language.

When it comes to law firms, you can get involved in local activities and perhaps even choose a specialization, or at least offer services in addition to your main practice area, that pertains to something the community cares about or has to deal with often.

Tips for Keeping up Client Retention

Tips for Keeping up Client Retention

Client retention is defined as a mixture of both art and science. If you have a law firm and you are tired of losing your clients, you need to form a retention plan which will involve having two things: legal value and service value. Both are needed in your firm in order to help keep clients happy and satisfied with your services, but you’ll have to be creative when it comes to setting up a plan. So how do you make sure that you have everything that you need?

You’ll have to be creative in order to…

Be a professional in your field of work

All clients come to you because they feel that you are the one who will save them by implementing your legal skills. To attain the desired legal value of the clients’ money, you need to deal with his/her case with a high level of expertise. No matter what you do, you will obviously want to do all that you can to serve your clients, but in order to really stand out you can explore other avenues that can help demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. Maintain a blog that discusses topics pertaining to your practice area, offer free resources to potential clients to draw them in and provide other services that can help you showcase your skills.

Proactive risk identification and mitigation

You should advise clients on actions that achieve their business goals and favor long-term exclusion of legal risk over short-term interests without regard to such risks. By doing this, you will be demonstrating to your client that you have knowledge in the issue that has brought him to you for it to be resolved. This means that you will be saving your client a large amount of money and time too. This technique enhances the chances of him remaining loyal to your firm.

Offer the client legal advice always

When a client comes to you with a legal issue that doesn’t need an immediate action, you should offer them some advice without charging if you can. This will make the client become loyal to you and you can increase that by always updating him on the legal issues of his matter and how to get through it. You can also inform them on the law reforms that have taken place to make them aware.

You can increase the value of your service by…

Establish a strategy for connecting with the client

A research was carried out asking clients why they kept shifting from firms to firms, and the response was that it was the firm was neglecting them because of not responding to their phone calls. It is clear that a client will shift to another firm when he realizes that he is not being taken into consideration. To end this, you need to make the first move by calling the clients and organizing a meeting so as to know how his issue is fairing on and advise him on the possible way forward. This will make him have a feeling that he has not been neglected.

Have skilled employees who can offer quality services

Customer retention is indecisive when a good customer service is lacking. Ensure that the employees deal with clients with promptly, courteously and efficiently. They should be able to listen to their needs and meet them as efficiently as possible in the appropriate manner. Also, thank them every time for having chosen you and let them know in words and deeds how important your business is to them, regardless of whether they¹re your potential clients or not. Remember that the clients will remember the wonderful services but they will bad service even more.

Provide alternative billing practices

Employing another option of billing can be a powerful tool in retaining customers, since there are many competitors in the market. You can attain this by varying the legal fee or by rewarding discounts to your clients

DIY Marketing for Law Firms

DIY Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing can be a frustrating and expensive process. If you know the methods and how to apply them to your own law firm then the process of marketing your business can be cost effective and it can help you to create new and growing revenue streams.

Get an SEO Enabled Website

The first step in any program of SEO is accurate keyword identification. What are the useful, relevant keywords for your business and target audience? This needs to be established before you worry about how to build a marketing campaign around them.

You need to identify what keywords are appropriate for your business. For example a real estate lawyer or legal firm based in Lancaster would need to have keywords such as “real estate lawyer, Lancaster”. With research about what potential customers are searching for a list of keywords can be built up. You should have some competitive keywords such as “Lawyers in Lancaster” and then some long tail keywords such as “local real estate lawyer, Lancaster”. Broadly speaking competitive keywords give you a small share of a big market and long tail keywords give you a big share of a smaller market. Both are important to have.

After your keywords are established they need to be put into your new or existing business website. A site is essential for digital marketing. Make sure your site is well designed and easy to navigate. This doesn’t necessarily mean state of the art or expensive. A user has to be able to navigate between major pages easily and find easy to use and relevant information.

Your keywords need to appear on the website in proportion with the content. This means that you want a good spread of your keywords throughout your pages with a little bit of concentration towards the start and end of pages. What you must not do is string together keywords with weak content on each page purely to get attention from search engines. Make the site useful to the target customer and everything else will fall into place.


Impress Search Engines

Sites do better in search engines with fresh content. Rather than dismantling a website every six months the easy way to do this is to have a blog integrated onto your site. WordPress is a popular choice for a flexible and user friendly way to do this.

Maximize your blog’s effectiveness by blending it with networking. Attend local events and blog about them. Talk about issues relevant to the services your business offers. Take pictures and upload these to your site with your keywords appearing in the image tags.


Sign up for Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows you to run global or local ad campaigns. You can control your budget per click and per day.

Combine this campaign with a site based newsletter. Create this so that visitors that come to your site can be retained. This way when you put effort or money into advertising you keep the most interested people. Now you can promote to these subscribers directly. Balance this with offers and news so they don’t feel spammed.


Putting Everything to Work

Now all you need to do is create social media account pointing towards your site to round off the process. When it comes to a DIY marketing campaign, using the tools that the internet provides is key. There are so many things that you can implement that are either free or practically next to free at your disposal. If your law firm is not very tech or market savvy, it may still help to hire a marketing team that is size-appropriate to your small law firm who can help you integrate web features into your marketing plan and even into your legal arsenal to help you get ahead of the legal curve by being as efficient and cost effective as possible.

How Lawyers Can Improve Communications With Clients

How Lawyers Can Improve Communications With Clients

Effective communication is the lifeblood of organizations, businesses and relationships. It hinges on people understanding exactly what you mean and replying in terms that move the exchange forward. Clarity provides the base needed in order to promote progress and positive response from your clients. Many people fail to grasp the skill of how to communicate better with clients and may not even realize it. They have all it takes to capture clients but lack the ‘soft skills’ required to keep them. Such skills are essential if your intent is to capture as well as retain your client.

Making Contact
Contact is not only the ‘first face’ but also the ‘middle face’ and ‘last face’ that you build with your client. Clients build trust and reliance from the impressions they get. It is therefore up to you to cultivate that first positive impression. Show a warm welcome during that first meeting, smile and be approachable, and remember to maintain that through all future meetings.

Recognize the importance of addressing your client by name. In as much as your client is ‘the accused’ or ‘the defendant’, don’t pin your legal protocol on them. It can be impersonal and dehumanizing, making you sound less trustworthy. These people are your clients and you are creating a relationship so you should do so on friendly and respectful footing. Embrace their titles: Dr., Prof, Mr. or Mrs. so and so. Doing so communicates understanding and respect. Clients seek recognition along with the service that you are offering.

Be courteous in all your utterances do not in any way belittle your clients. Show understanding, patience and organization in how you conduct things with them. A client will always sway your direction when you portray confidence, confidentiality and accountability. Apply the ‘you-attitude’. It’s about your client. The ‘I-attitude’ will sink the relationship you are seeking to build with the client. This is the ‘middle face’ of establishing client assurance.

Even after you provide services, keep in touch with your client. If the judgment favors you, do not just pocket your sum and close the case. The case may be closed but you should keep client relationships open. Have the goodwill to know how the lives and business of your client is going in a professional manner. A satisfied client is your avenue for opening up other cases. Remember, a good review or recommendation to a friend is free marketing in your favor.

Focus on Your End Goal
The main reason most people get into a line of work is because they have a knack for it, an interest in it, or a passion for doing it. If you want to be a successful lawyer, you want to think about what your goals are and how best to retain your customers. Some lawyers throw out a quote within first beginning to speak with a potential client, sometimes interrupting them and cutting them off with rates and policies. As a lawyer, you are here to help people, so the first thing you need to do is to really listen to them. This will help develop trust, which is essential for a lawyer and their client to have with one another.

Instead of jumping right into the numbers, listen to your client with interest and intent. Avoid interruptions. When they are finished or when they ask, clearly state the services you have to offer and be ready to state and show proof of your success. This is known as synthesizing; offering ideas and alternatives. Build a rapport and a relationship with your client. How you handle discussing your strategy of achieving the end result sets the base for monetary discussions. If you have listened to your client, you will be able to make your sales pitch using their own words. Give examples of how your skills can help them reach their own unique goals and aspirations. Tell them exactly how you will help them win their case instead of giving them a tired, oft-repeated pitch, and you are more likely to land the client.

In your transactions with the client, your ‘inner person’ will be called for. At times, the direction of what you intend to achieve may take a turn and the client will be affected. You need to be flexible enough in your interactions with them in order to handle the situation while also answering their questions and concerns. They need your assurance even so. Empathize and relate to their experiences and with what is going on. Talk very little, use encouraging nods and words. Give them an ear for their worries and give them the attention they need till you get back on track.

Reading The Person
Communication does not just occur through words. The nature of gestures is often ignored by many. Paralanguage such as tone, pitch, rate of speech, sighing or hesitating all play an important role in the messages you convey to others. Body language interpretation is key to achieve effective communication. Be keen on reading what your client says with their body language. It may help with strengthening your relationship with them and can provide a reinforcement to verbal communication.
Communication always involves two way traffic. Marshall Field, founder of Marshall Field & Co. said: “Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell nor destroy.” So how do you communicate better with the client? Build and invest on the goodwill.
You seek to establish a need and promise to fulfill that need .Being a ‘soft person’ is a skill you can use to your advantage. In order for you to be influential, you need to be available and understanding. Acknowledge your client’s words and yours will become larger. Create an identity by communicating better with your clients today.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

How to Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

Facebook is not just for people who are looking to chat and share pictures of their kids or their latest outing. Social media can now be used to help market businesses and get the word out about the services they offer. Law firms can benefit from social media by employing many of the same ideas as well. There are some things that a law firm can do to get more attention on social media that will help draw business, build your brand and will allow you actively engage with others.

Design of the Page

Any Facebook page will have the same standard design, but it is still important that you employ good web design know-how when formatting your law firm’s page. Use high-quality images of your firm is a great start. You can feature an image of your location as well as all of the lawyers and staff members who work there. Include short blurbs aboutf yourselves, and remember that you can be personable but remain professional. Make sure that your firm’s basic info is easy to find and that your page isn’t too cluttered as well.


Your firm’s Facebook page should be updated often and on schedule. Posting too little can detract people from liking or following your page, and even if people still show interest you are not getting the most out of your Facebook page’s purpose. Posting too much can be a detractor as well. Updates can include any new information about the law firm or any events that the firm is sponsoring. Posts can be relevant information in the news that you have shared from trusted and professional sites or other Facebook pages, too.

Be Social

When using Facebook, you make your law firm and those who are a part of it very visible. Anyone managing the page should start conversations with local businesses and services in a professional manner in order to help build rapport and show that the firm is active. This will help you reach more people and allow the firm to connect with the intended targeted client base. The firm should also make friends with local reporters as well. This could help build your social and professional network.

More than Law

The Facebook page should show more than the lawyers preparing for court or working at their desk. There should be pictures of the lawyers out in the community and participating in social events. This will show that the firm cares about the local areas and the local people that they want to represent, and it shows that the lawyers are out there helping those in need outside of the courtroom too. This will also help humanize your law practice and show the firm’s lawyers in a more humane light.

Blogs and More

Any blogs that the law firm has should be linked to your social media page. This will allow people to find all the information that they need to know about the firm in one place, and it makes things easier. Any posts that you make to your blog can be shared via your social media feeds and can help you widen your readership and client pool.

Visual Aids

There are some visuals that can be added to the Facebook page to make it more attention-grabbing. Pictures, videos, and other content can attract more people to the Facebook page and encourage them to engage with your firm. Once a visitor gets to the firm’s page you have to be able to keep their attention. Featuring pictures and other interesting things will keep potential clients on the page for a longer period of time.

Social media is not just for entertainment. Businesses, including law firms, can greatly benefit from having an interesting social media page. It can help draw people in and it can act as a free marketing source as well. Your firm can more effectively reach new audiences and attract more business by taking the time to make a well-made and engaging social media page.

Does Your Law Firm Need Cyber Coverage?

Does Your Law Firm Need Cyber Coverage?

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, and you may have heard about many recent breaches into company and government records in the past few years. As lawyers, you will hold a great deal of sensitive information about your clients that you would not want in the wrong hands. Therefore, it may be good practice to work out how for your firm may be at risk for such a threat and how to prevent a breach from occurring.

When you are assessing how vulnerable your business is from a cyber-attack, it can help to take an inventory of all the files you have that may be at risk. It is important to not just consider the files that contain details about your clients, but also those that may contain personal information about your employees as well. The systems that you have in place for storing and accessing this information will also need to be reviewed in order to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

If there are any improvements that can be made to these systems, then it should go without saying that these improvements should be made immediately. You should always ensure that your anti-virus software is up to date. This includes checking that any firewalls are in place. Updates should be carried out as often as is needed. You may also want to consider extra protection for any files that contain particularly sensitive information. There are several antivirus programs available that can also help to detect malware and potential trojans or corrupted files, as well. Be careful of where you login to access files and make sure to clear out your browser history of any pertinent information or cookies that may have been saved during your session. Also, if you’re using WiFi, try to stick to trusted networks and avoid public ones.

If the worst were to happen and you did happen to suffer a cyber-attack, then you will need to consider how you would deal with any loss of information that might have occurred. This may be something that you are able to contain to a certain degree, depending on the severity of the attack. However, if any information about your clients or staff are lost, then you will have to inform them what has happened as soon as you have all the details. They will expect you to be able to tell them how you are dealing with any breach, and what the consequences for them will be.

Unfortunately, some of your clients may decide to take legal action against you if any of their information is lost as a result of a cyber-attack. Even if you have malpractice insurance, you may not be covered for cyber-attacks unless specific mention is made of this in your policy. It is certainly something that should be checked, and if you are not already covered, then you should consider adding to your existing insurance so that you will be protected if the worst should happen.

Your law firm will probably not experience a cyber-attack, especially if you take the necessary measures, but it is not possible to say definitively that this will never happen to you at all so it is wise to be prepared. Checking the protection that you already have in place, and ensuring that you are adequately insured is a task that will not take up much of your time, but that can save you a lot of time and expense in the long run.

Legal Implications of Driving Without Insurance

Legal Implications of Driving Without Insurance

Each state has a unique set of rules when it comes to requirements for car insurance and drivers licenses. Similarly, the legal penalties for driving without car insurance vary from state to state as well. However, there are some penalties that are pretty common among all the states that you should be aware of.

If you are caught driving without insurance:

Your License Could Be Suspended
If your driver’s license is suspended due to driving without car insurance, then your ability to drive will be legally revoked, at least temporarily. Many states also require you to attend a defensive driving class or go to a driving school, pay a reinstatement fee to get your license back, and get an SR22 from your insurance company before your license is reinstated.

Your Vehicle Registration May Be Suspended
In addition to possibly having your license suspended, your registration may be suspended as well. This means that you are not legally allowed to drive your vehicle for a period of time, regardless of whether your license was revoked or not.

You Could Get a Traffic Ticket
If you are pulled over and the police officer finds that you are driving without car insurance, you could receive an additional ticket in addition to the one you already received. If you are able to provide proof of insurance within a predetermined period of time, you may be able to have the ticket for driving without insurance dismissed. Usually this only applies if you had insurance at the time that you were pulled over and just did not have your insurance card on hand. If you truly do not have insurance, you will most likely be required to pay both tickets that were issued.

You’ll Be Asked to Meet SR22 Requirements
This possible penalty varies between states. Some states only require you to meet these requirements if you cause an accident while driving without car insurance; others require you to meet SR22 requirements whether you caused an accident or were simply driving uninsured. An SR22 is essentially proof that you meet the requirements for car insurance. Generally you are required to file an SR22 for three years if you are caught driving without insurance. If you are required to file an SR22, you will have to file it directly through your car insurance company in order to ensure that you do not falsify your insurance records. Unfortunately, when you file an SR22, it will make your car insurance rates significantly higher than they would have otherwise been because drivers who have SR22s are considered to be high-risk drivers.

You’ll Owe Some Money

You will obviously have to pay for whatever traffic tickets you receive, in addition to fines in order to get your license and vehicle registration reinstated if they are suspended. Your insurance company will also up your monthly rates for issues like this, so these additional costs will add up, too.

Car insurance is also essential in the event of an accident. If you had good car insurance coverage, the damages from an accident could be significantly less or even nothing at all. Depending on the sort of accident or whether or not you were at fault for the incident, some insurance companies will reimburse you for your car and any damages sustained.

Foregoing car insurance may seem like a good idea at first since you won’t have to worry about monthly insurance payments, in the end it ends up costing more than it saves. With multiple legal ramifications and hefty fines that must be paid, driving insured is the best option for drivers everywhere.

What to Ask Your Potential Lawyer

What to Ask Your Potential Lawyer

Everyone has a doctor or dentist that they see on a regular basis. But there is one profession that people do not often about having on call – at least not until an incident occurs and you need legal advice or representation. So how do you find a good attorney? No one wants an attorney that is looking out for his own interest and you will want ample time before an emergency occurs to know that you have the right person.

Looking for a lawyer should feel like you are hiring an employee, and in a way, you are. Your lawyer is someone who works for you and will need to operate in your own personal interest. Just like any job hiring process, you will need to conduct an interview and an interview is comprised of relevant questions. In order to find the best lawyer for you who will meet your particular needs, you will need know just what sort of questions you need to ask.

It first helps to know what types of lawyers there are and which ones may be able to help with your case specifically. Once you have found a particular attorney that you would like to consult with about your legal situation, you need to get to know them better. This particular attorney may have come with glowing recommendations, but this does not mean that they are the right fit for you.

The first thing you will want to check is your potential attorney’s website. Their site will often outline their general history, how long they have been operating and where, and what their areas of expertise are. If it is not featured on their page, you may want to look for a review directory where you can read customer testimonials. These reviews can help you choose a reputable lawyer but reading them in depth, at least a good amount of them for variety, can help you determine whether they have enough experience in your field of legal interest. For instance, you wouldn’t want a personal injury lawyer to handle your divorce, would you?

Once you have gathered this information, you will want to call up their office and set up an appointment. This is where you will really implement the important questions that you need answered, but it also helps to take other things into consideration. At their office, pay attention to the state of their furnishings and their staff. See that everyone is helpful and friendly. Are they the kind of people you would want working on your mortgage negotiation? These are important things to consider.

Now you will meet with your potential lawyer. At the initial appointment, you should ask them to tell you about themselves – how long they have been in practice? Are they board specialized in the field of law that they practice in? What is their success rate in handling cases similar to your case? How often do they handle cases similar to your case? These things are very important to know because you do not want an attorney who has always wanted to handle a case like yours but is only just getting their feet wet.

Once you have gotten pleasantries out of the way and have a better idea of your potential lawyer’s experience, give them some background information regarding the issue that you need help with. See what they say about your situation, including what sort of services they would provide for you, what the time frame might be and what your potential end cost would amount to. Make sure to write this down and compare this information with other lawyers that you meet with. Some may offer more help whereas others may offer a more affordable deal. It all depends on your situation and your judgment.

Communications is the key and knowing how your attorney will keep you up to date regarding how your case is being handled is vital. Who will be contacting you? Your attorney or another staff member? How often will they update you? Are they likely to make any changes and how far in advance will they notify you? Knowing your potential lawyer’s game plan keeps you in the loop so that you are not blindsided by any surprises.

By asking these questions, and adding any more depending on your case and situation, will help you find a good fit. Before looking for a lawyer, make sure you do some preliminary research. Look at what your case involves and what sort of things might happen. This will keep you in the know and can help when a potential lawyer tries to take advantage of your or keep you in the dark. Knowing what you are talking about, at least generally, before walking into an attorney’s office can help inform your interview and keep you safe from any potential scams as well.